Welcome to OmnidexVN, Your One Stop Engineering Solution

Who is OmnidexVN and why should you use us?


As the sister company of ChinaSavvy, OmnidexVN draws on the expertise that the sister company has developed over the past 16 years but, in many cases, is able to achieve lower manufacturing costs than are available in China.


With its head office in Ho Chi Minh City, OmnidexVN has multi-lingual staff who have been trained by ChinaSavvy and are well versed in the full range of emerging manufacturing technologies.


With particular strengths in casting, fabrication and precision machining, OmnidexVN has had its biggest successes exporting parts and products to the USA, Japan, UK, Europe and Australia with many satisfied customers there, underlining the quality of the work that is produced.


The exact same core values that have driven ChinaSavvy’s global success are behind OmnidexVN and its determination to become a world leader in industrial offshore manufacturing.

Our mission

To treat our clients’ products and parts as if they were our own and deliver affordable solutions made to the same high standards of quality that we demand from others.

Our Core Values

 Nothing less than ecstatic customers
 Never, ever, ever give up. Never say it’s impossible
 Constantly improve on what we thought was already good 
 Think laterally. Find alternative ways to improve results
 Encouraging and rewarding individual ability and initiative